Custom Made Pergolas

Kulyk Outdoors creates beautiful outdoor living spaces for commercial and residential clients in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Two World-Class Pergola Options Available From Kulyk Outdoors!

Our pergola lineup features two incredible options for both residential and commercial customers – the R-Blade louvered pergola and the R-Shade fixed pergola. Each offers exceptional long-term value and impeccable design – not to mention engineering that maintains a cooler temperature underneath pergola while offering protection from rain, slow or wind. These pergolas are designed to adjust to the elements and to be adjusted by remote, keeping your family, friends or customers comfortable while spending time outdoors.

No pergolas in the nation stack up to the pergolas from Kulyk Outdoors.

Want The Best Of Both Worlds? Go With The R-Blade Louvered Pergola!

This pergola proves protection from the elements and allows you to control the heat and light allowed in the interior. It provides natural ventilation and its fully adjustable, gapless construction is highly wind-resistant. It also has an interior gutter system to smartly remove rain away from the structure, keeping your friends, family or customers dry.  The design can be customized to fit the look of the exterior of your home, restaurant, bar, hotel or apartment complex.

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Do You Need A Fixed Pergola Solution? None Can Compare To The R-Shade!

This pergola offers 100% sunlight and precipitation protection and is designed to meet or exceed high-velocity hurricane requirements. This product is completely adjustable according to the elements on each particular day with solar system capability, and this pergola also has a built in gutter system, protecting your friends, family or customers from the elements while they enjoy the outdoor space that we helped you design.

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Why Our Customers Choose Us

Kulyk Outdoors has some of the most experienced and professional installers in your area. Our products are architecturally engineered, hurricane-rated and designed to keep the heat out, making the temperature significantly cooler inside. We’ll work with you to design the entire outdoor space into a place friends, family or customers can enjoy. We also offer financing for your project up to $100,000! When you want the best outdoor living solutions in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, call Kulyk Outdoors. (704) 778-5045

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