R-Car Carport

When you want a new carport for your residential or commercial property, why stick with the old style that offers nothing more than protection from the sun – and even that to a degree that’s negligible. If you want something more aesthetically pleasing, something more flexible, more capable than that, Kulyk Outdoors has it – the R-Car Carport. More than just your standard carport, the R-Car is waterproof and wind-resistant and comes with an insulated roof to regulate the outside temperature. There’s no other carport on the market quite like it and it works perfectly with any architecture style!

With flexibility and dependability built right in, the R-Car Carport offers vehicle owners a surefire way to protect their cars, trucks, vans, SUVs or even RVs from the worst that Mother Nature has to offer.  And with financing available up to $100,000 from Kulyk Outdoors, the best time to get the carport you’ve always wanted is right now.

Four Unique Carport Solutions:

  • R-Car Carport – 1 Car
  • R-Car Carport – 2 Cars
  • Lean-To R-Car Carports
  • R-Car Carport – Trucks & RVs

The R-Car Carport Features:

  • Ideal Vehicle Protection
  • Ingeniously Clean Design
  • Real Functional Enclosure
  • Ideal for Multiple Vehicles
  • Solar Panel Capability
  • Can Fit RVs
  • Protection from the elements
  • Customizable Design
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