K-Bana Cabana

Why settle for a traditional cabana with all its limitations when you can choose the revolutionary K-Bana cabana from Azenco International and Kulyk Outdoors – simply the most innovative cabana to be introduced in the last fifty years. Manufactured in the USA using proven engineering and world-class design, the K-Bana from Azenco International and Kulyk Outdoors is the pinnacle of modern cabana design and installation all rolled into one amazing package.

The K-Bana is a free-standing pergola that offers up to nine different configurations to fit any outdoor space, any lifestyle. With dual-wall louvered panels, the K-Bana cabana allows you to enjoy natural ventilation and perfect sunlight control. Plus, it protects from wind and rain, snow and sleet throughout the year so you’ll have an outdoor getaway no matter what it’s like outside!

The K-Bana Offers Some Amazing Benefits!

  • Customizable Design
  • Protection from wind, rain and snow
  • You can adjust the amount of light that is let in
  • Climate-controlled outdoor living space
  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Great for commercial or residential use

A World Of Options When You Choose The K-Bana Cabana!

  • Sliding Louvered Panels
  • Fixed Louvered Walls
  • Solar and Insect Screens
  • Complete Motorization
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